Clark provides the full spectrum of Subsurface Utility Engineering projects:

1. Surveying and Mapping

2. Subsurface Utility Designating and, if necessary, Test Holes for locating.

3. Professional Engineering Services for the SUE plans.

The SUE process provides projects with better outcomes by reducing costs associated with the risk of inaccurate utility locates.  Additionally, this process saves on construction costs by elimination underground surprises.

SUE is now a requirement on Colorado projects which fall into the following criteria:

Project involves a construction contract with a public entity;

Project involves primarily horizontal construction and does not involve primarily the construction of buildings;

Anticipated excavation footprint that exceeds 2 feet in depth and that is a contiguous 1000 square feet (excluding fencing and signing projects) OR involves utility boring; and

Project requires the design services of a licensed PE.

Clark Land Surveying staff are certified in providing SUE services in accordance with ASCE CI-38-02

Quality Level D: Record Research/Data Collection
Records research and oral history is where the information on this level comes from. This D level of service is the most basic of services.

Quality Level C: Visible Surface Feature Utility Survey
Level C consists of surveying visible above ground utilities.

Quality Level B: Utility Designation
Use of appropriate geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities called ‘designating’.

Quality Level A: Underground Utility Locating (Test Hole)
This is highest level, precise mapping through exposure of utility; provides type, size, condition, and material and is called ‘locating’ Test Holes.

  • Ensuring the foundation of a project is off to a good start means saving money down the road.

    1. Safer projects – with less potential for utility exposure
    2. Prevents unexpected utility relocations
    3. Minimizes service interruption and utility outages
    4. Minimizes schedule delays