Subsurface Utility Engineering.

Three distinct characteristics set us apart from our competitors

EXPERTS - SB 18-167

We are experts in SB 18-167. Clark has been providing Utility Designation in Colorado since 2006. The Colorado SUE requirement became law in August 2018. Subsurface Utility Engineering per Revised Statute 9-1.5-101 (SB-167)is now a requirement on Colorado projects which meet all of the following four criteria:

1. Project involves a construction contract with a public entity;
2. Project involves primarily horizontal construction and does not involve primarily the construction of buildings;
3. Anticipated excavation footprint that exceeds 2 feet in depth and that is a contiguous 1000 square feet (excluding fencing and signing projects) OR involves utility boring; and
4. Project requires the design services of a licensed PE.


We are a single source provider of all phases of Subsurface Utility Engineering in Colorado. No longer do you have to coordinate a surveyor, a utility locator, a test hole (pothole) provider and a Professional Engineer. We are the one-stop shop to cover all those needs.

1. Surveying & Mapping

2. Utility Designating

3. SUE signed and sealed plans by a Professional Engineer

4. Test Holes



Clark staff are qualified and currently providing SUE services in accordance with the current ASCE 38-02 specifications.

Quality Level D: Record Research/Data Collection

Records research and oral history is where the information on this level comes from. This D level of service is the most basic of services.


Quality Level C: Visible Surface Feature Utility Survey

Level C consists of surveying visible above ground utilities.


Quality Level B: Utility Designation

Use of appropriate geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities called ‘designating’.


Quality Level A: Underground Utility Locating (Test Hole)

This is highest level, precise mapping through exposure of utility; provides type, size, condition, and material and is called ‘locating’ Test Holes.

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Full Service SUE.

Clark provides in-house HydroVac services.  This gives us the ability to provide Test Holes for ASCE 38-02 Quality Level A specifications throughout Colorado. In compliance with Colorado Revised Statue 9-1.5-101 (SB 18-167).



Professional Surveying and Mapping Services

Utility Designation Services, ASCE 38-02 Quality Level B

Test Hole Services (Pot Holing), ASCE 38-02 Quality Level A

SUE Professional Engineering Services


Who, Where, Why.

"GreenbergFarrow has valued our partnership with Clark Land Surveying for over five years.  We find that Clark’s reliability, responsiveness and quality provide best in class service.  The single point of contact approach makes doing business with Clark easy and seamless.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Clark Land Surveying in the future."

~ Rod Abney, Jr, Chief Financial Officer, Greenberg Farrow

Clark staff are qualified in providing SUE services in accordance with ASCE 38-02.

Utility Project Life Cycle.

What is Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)?

Per ASCE, Subsurface Utility Engineering is defined as:

"A specialty practice of civil engineering that investigates and depicts existing underground utilities through the collection and analysis of records, visual, geophysical, and/or exposure methods and assigns achieved Utility Quality Levels to nonvisible Utility Segments and Utility Features based upon the integration of all the analyzed data with professional judgment at a defined point in time, and depicts those data for engineering decisions."

How can Clark help me with my Subsurface Utility Engineering(SUE) required by Projects?

Experience. Clark Land Surveying began business in 1997 in Colorado Springs. Over the years we have grown substantially providing Surveying, Engineering Services, Utility Locating and Test Hole Services. In 2006, we added an underground utility locating and mapping division. In 2018, Colorado SB 18-167, codified as CRS 9-1.5-101 was passed and Clark became a full SUE provider per the new law. Clark is a Colorado firm. We have been here all along providing surveying, mapping, engineering, underground utility locating and Test Hole/HydroVac services. We now proudly offer full SUE services in Colorado per SB 18-167 which was enacted in August 2018.

Single Source Provider.

We are a single source provider of all phases of Subsurface Utility Engineering in Colorado. Including No longer do you have to coordinate a surveyor, a utility locator, a test hole (pothole) provider and a Professional Engineer. We are the one-stop shop to cover all those needs.

-Subsurface Utility Designating.

Clark is an experienced provider of underground utility designating and locating services. We have been a Colorado provider of utility locating since 2006. Per Colorado Revised Statute 9-1.5-101 (SB 18-167), Clark provides 811 Notification and utility designating services with a due diligence effort to achieve ASCE 38, Quality Level B using appropriate geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities.

-Surveying & Mapping

Clark has been in the surveying business since 1997. As an experienced Colorado Surveyor, we can provide you with all phases of the initial Engineering Design Survey to include horizontal and vertical control datum, topography, existing as-built conditions and planimetrics mapping, subsurface utility mapping, Test Hole Mapping and AutoCAD deliverables.

-Subsurface Utility Engineering Plan

Per SB 18-167, Clark provides full SUE services to include:

-SUE Plan, signed and sealed by a duly licensed Professional Engineer (PE.)

-CAD File

-A detailed report of the SUE investigation: Records research, as-built maps, documents and a geophysical designating quality report.

-Test Hole (Pothole) Services.

Should Test Hole services be deemed necessary in the design of the project, Clark is a HydroVac Test hole provider. This is ASCE 38, Quality Level A and provides the locating of underground utilities through HydroVac process giving the horizontal and vertical position of subsurface utilities.>

How Do I Incoporate These Services with my Projects?

Per Colorado Revised Statute 9-1.5-101 (SB-167), Clark provides full SUE Services to endeavor to provide ASCE 38-02 Quality Level B. If deemed necessary, Clark can also provide ASCE 38-02 Quality Level A Test Holes with our HydroVac services. We understand the importance and value of Subsurface Utility Engineering and utility infrastructure mapping. Just as necessary is being able to meet these needs with a quality work product and a timely delivery. You want an attention for detail. Our extensive knowledge and experience on these topics are used to make your project go smoother. With Surveying, Mapping, SUE and Test Hole Services we are your one stop shop for all your needs. Our experts have extensive training and perform records research, above ground utility designating, precise utility mapping and Test Hole services. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Test Holes and HydroVac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation equipment consists of an air vacuum and a high-pressure water device. High-pressure water cuts through the soil and breaks it up. The vacuum is then used to extract the slurry from the excavation area. The soil and debris are then transferred to a debris tank. This makes using hydrovac excavation a relatively fast and safe method. Utilizing hydro vacuum excavation techniques for Test Holes significantly reduces the risk of any accidental damage to existing utilities like water mains, gas pipelines, cables, or underground power lines. As Subsurface Utility Engineering professionals, we are here to help you through your SUE requirements. Our goal is to save you time and money for your projects. Contact Clark Land Surveying to schedule your project today!


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