Clark is a nationwide provider of Telecommunication and Cell Tower Surveys. We currently provide surveys for several clients on a national level.

Problem Solvers – We see our role in your project as a vital team member helping you to accomplish your objectives and design. Problem solving is job one.

Experience: Our national team of licensed surveyors have completed hundreds of cell tower surveys across the country.


Clark has a thorough understanding of the Telecommunications industry, which translates into a product that meets the needs of this demanding sector.

Specific Standards vary from client to client – Clark has the know-how to meet each client’s specific needs.

Consistency - Clark provides a consistent product, on time and on budget.




1A & 2C Letters are a crucial part of Telecom deliverables. These letters contain information required for FAA databases.

“1A” and “2C” refer to the FAA’s accuracy standards for aeronautical data.

Clark has prepared thousands of 1A & 2C Letters.